About me

Hoping to make a change, one word at a time…

I am a digital journalist and features writer, currently working with CNN International in London, discovering stories, especially from India for a western audience.

Hailing from London with extensive family from the vibrant city of Kolkata, I have a strong understanding of how the west views India, and how India sees itself.

I have been published by numerous media outlets, including CNNthe Guardian, the BBC and the Huffington Post. As well as writing about lighthearted topics, I am interested in exposing areas that are in dire need of change. What challenges are faced by this diverse subcontinent and future superpower, and what is inspiring reform?

From religion to sport and politics to travel, I have not only explored my motherland by foot, but by reflection too. My reporting, however, is not limited to India, having also covered women’s rights in Afghanistan and the debate on military intervention in Syria.

Read my published stories from the drop down list above, or see the list below:


Feminism for goddesses: does deity worship empower girls?


How football is changing lives of Indian slum girls

Huffington Post:

India needs to talk about sex

Emma Watson’s feminism: Some women’s work is priceless

Seven reasons why India isn’t the cricket-crazy country you think it is


The Afghan voice that won’t be silenced

India’s ‘Womanifesto’: How central are women’s rights to this year’s elections?

While Indian football sleeps, its young hopefuls dream of playing abroad

Keeping chivalry alive in India: Men respond to rape crisis

Disability in India: The struggles of infrastructure, prejudice and karma

Can tigers claw their way back from the brink of extinction?

Ultimate Himalayan retreat: Yoga, meditation, wildlife

The day telegrams came to a final STOP

India’s modern day activists on Twitter

Syria intervention debate: The world’s media reacts

Syria intervention debate: What UK lawmakers said

Soul & Spirit magazine:

Beating a path to inner peace?


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3 Comments on “About me

  1. Re the Big Question on Hunting. There is only ONE way to allow hunting of an animal on the african plain, send the human with one shield, one spear and then go get your trophy ! A true sign of being skilled or killed.
    Ed Rose England UK

    Liked by 1 person

    • TOTALLY AGREE!!!! It is absolute cowardice to hide within the confines of a jeep, armed with rifles and a safe distance from the animal to then take the crown of a courageous hunter. It’s pure cruelty and barbarism. Nothing else.


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