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Hoping to stir a little change, one word at a time…

Hello there,

I am a senior digital producer at CNN International in London, editing one of the world’s most popular news websites while exploring the evolving topic of identity and telling stories from a changing India.

Hailing from London with extensive family from the vibrant city of Kolkata, I have a strong understanding of how the west views India, and how India sees itself. I have been published by numerous media outlets, including CNNthe Guardian, the BBC and the Huffington Post.

I’m in the (long) process of writing my first novel too, set in Kolkata during pre-partition times and London in the present day.

Instead of scrolling down an endless Facebook feed of babies and dinners, I’m grateful that you stopped by this simple site. Feel free to contact me by the means below.

Best wishes,


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Monica Sarkar (Writer)

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3 thoughts on “Monica who?

  1. Re the Big Question on Hunting. There is only ONE way to allow hunting of an animal on the african plain, send the human with one shield, one spear and then go get your trophy ! A true sign of being skilled or killed.
    Ed Rose England UK

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    • TOTALLY AGREE!!!! It is absolute cowardice to hide within the confines of a jeep, armed with rifles and a safe distance from the animal to then take the crown of a courageous hunter. It’s pure cruelty and barbarism. Nothing else.


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